Accountability: The Benefits of Having a Professional Mentor

Being self employed or running a small business can be lonely. It’s also very demanding. You are ultimately responsible for every aspect of your business from the marketing to the sales to the accounts. That’s before you’ve even done the actual “business”. Having the...

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Overcoming imposter syndrome – a realistic guide

Let’s start by clearing something up, it’s not actually a syndrome.     Nor is it an illness or a mental disorder. It's not linked to low self esteem, depression or anxiety.  Imposter Syndrome is actually a very common phenomenon and largely experienced by high...

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What Is A Mindset Coach? Do I Need One?

What is a mindset coach anyway?It could be said that all coaching is mindset coaching.Coaching is about helping people to get from where they are now to where they want to be.Coaching is about working with people to set and achieve their goals by:a) Helping them to...

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