Michelle Reeve

Michelle Reeve

United Kingdom


Psychology to Succeed: Helping athletes and sports people make courageous comebacks through mindset coaching and therapy.

You love your sport but have been hit by a setback, be it injury, illness, block, slump, or performance anxiety.  Whatever your sport, whatever you’ve been through, you can come back stronger, more resilient, having grown into the athlete and person you wish to become.  Sports mindset coaching will get you to where you want to be.


Main Services: One to one coaching: ‘Get Started’ (free call’), ‘Get What You Need’ (30minute sports anchoring session), ‘Create Your Comeback’ (2hour goal setting and action planning session with 30 minute follow up), ‘Make Your Comeback’ (individualised one to one coaching package to make your comeback happen)

Target Market: Sports people and athletes (male or female)

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