When the course of mindset coaching doesn’t run smoothly

You love what you do – the impact mindset coaching can have, the transformations that you see and the results that your clients achieve. But what happens when one of your clients doesn’t seem to make any progress?

You’re human – it can make you question your abilities and leave you feeling worried and deflated. As a coach, the last thing you want to do is let your client down. Firstly, I want to tell you that it is normal. It happens to every coach at some point in their career.

However, I also want you to know that it is something that can easily be changed when you take a step back and look at the reasons. Below are my top three reasons why your client is not getting results. Once you’ve identified which one is at play, you’ll soon be able to adjust your sessions and get your client moving.

1. There’s a hidden problem

A client will usually come to you with a problem that they want solving and, on the surface, it may look as if this really is the issue that needs tackling. However, the problem with which they present is not always the real issue, and you are, therefore, unable to make progress.

For example, a client may say that they want to lose weight and believe that they have no willpower to resist temptation. However, a whole array of issues could be at play – low self-worth being just one. These issues are often working at the unconscious level and therefore, you need to explore the possibilities at the beginning of the coaching relationship so that you can identify the real obstacle that’s holding your client back from achieving the results they desire.


2. The wrong tool for the problem

Understandably, as we train to become mindset coaches, we want to develop a specialism and expertise. While having a specific specialism is great and to be encouraged, we must acknowledge that not all problems can be solved with the same modality.

When we focus on using a particular tool or treatment with our client, we narrow our field of awareness. We look for the problem that our tool will solve rather than stepping back, considering all options and identifying the right tool for the job – the one that will offer the best results to our client.

If your client is not making progress, take a moment to get a fresh perspective. “Put the tools down” and consider whether a different tool or therapeutic approach could offer better results.

3. There’s something more powerful at play

As human beings, we are motivated to move away from pain and towards pleasure. If your client has been trying to make a change and it just isn’t happening, there is likely an unacknowledged pleasure in their current situation.

In other words, there is a hidden gain for them in keeping the status quo. For example, a mindset coaching client might have been through a difficult time in the past, suffered financially and tell you that they want to overcome this now. They want to earn more money and become financially independent again.

However, while they remain in the place of suffering, they’re receiving financial support from friends and family. What they gain from this may well outnumber the benefits they would get from growing and becoming financially independent. Therefore, their unconscious self-sabotages and keeps them stuck.

As a mindset coach, it is therefore vital for you to spend time helping your client to identify those hidden gains. Without that work, they may well remain stuck for a long time.

The rewards of mindset coaching

If you’re struggling to help a coaching client make progress, don’t be too hard on yourself. All careers have difficulties and mindset coaching is no different. However, the pleasure and joy it can bring you far outweigh these. If your client is stuck, try looking at the above suggestions, and I’m sure you’ll soon be moving forward again.

Alternatively, check out my certified mindset coach training here. It will ensure you are fully trained so you can spot anything that might be holding your clients back and will help you to develop your coaching practice and get the results you desire.

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