The Coaches Success Accelerator Program

12-Week Step-By-Step Transformation Experience to Maximise Your Personal Mindset Mastery and Success

The Coaches Mindset is unique…

As a coach, you want to be an example to your clients and prospective clients of what’s possible. 

You want to demonstrate, through your own journey, what can happen when you have a clear goal, a robust plan and the unwavering faith to make it a reality.

But what if, underneath it all, you have doubts?

What if you lack the self-belief, the feelings of worthiness or deservedness to make it all happen?

What if you feel like a fraud? Or worse, an IMPOSTER?

So many coaches I meet are hiding a deep secret.

They don’t believe they can do it.

They think there’s someone else out there who is better equipped, better connected, more confident than them who is attracting the clients that they want to serve.

So instead of taking action and working on themselves, they stop doing the things they need to do to create their own thriving coaching practice.

  • They stop being visible 
  • They stop sharing their message
  • They busy themselves with behind the scenes work like choosing images, building courses and writing blog posts that will never see the light of day

All because they haven’t yet worked on their own mindset. 

All because they haven’t identified and overcome those inner obstacles that keep them stuck in place, or worse still, going around in ever decreasing circles with no end in sight.

And this makes me sad.

Because the reality is, you can get out of your own way.

You can create an unstoppable mindset and pave the way for the success you crave.

You can develop the thoughts, emotions, behaviours, habits, strategies, beliefs and values that will have you showing up, confident in your ability to attract and create positive, lasting transformation with your dream clients.

You can become the coach you’ve always wanted to be.

And it all begins here with

The Coaches Success Accelerator

The Coaches Success Accelerator Program is for you if…


  • You’re looking to master your mindset and business know how to launch or grow your thriving business
  • You are willing to invest in yourself to be the best Coach possible
  • You’re looking to deepen your understanding of mindset and embrace your own inner work
  • This program is also perfect for those coaches committed to improving themselves so they can make an authentic and positive impact in people’s lives

The Coaches Success Accelerator Program is NOT for you if…


  • You’re content playing small or thinking your current state of mind will get you the success you crave
  • You’re not ready to implement the transformational strategies or take personal action
  • You’re not 100% committed to becoming the very best version of yourself for you and for your clients

“Compared to what I’ve invested (money and time) over the years in my personal development, this is up there as one of the best investments I’ve made. Lara’s drive to lift the standards of mindset coaching across the globe is truly inspiring.

I would highly recommend the certification course for anyone thinking about becoming a mindset coach. Thanks Lara Young and the Mindset Coach Academy for a great learning and development experience!”


– Dr Trish Kemp, Mindset Coach and Dynamic Change Expert

The Coaches Success Accelerator is a unique blend of 1:1 Mindset Coaching and a step by step business building mastermind designed to get YOU and your work out into the world.

During this immersion, you will:

Become unstoppable by removing the doubts, limiting beliefs and inner obstacles that have been holding you back from fully showing up as an exceptional coach

Create powerful messaging that speaks directly to your ideal client because it comes direct from your heart to theirs

Step into the Coaches Mindset so that when your clients work with you, transformation happens fast

Refine your offerings so that they align with your expertise and generate the profitability you need to thrive

Revitalise the vision for your coaching business so that you’re passionate about talking about it and being visible

Experience step by step guidance to transform your thoughts, actions and emotions so that you are in control

The Coaches Success Accelerator includes:

6 x 1:1 coaching sessions with a Certified Mindset Coach to remove blocks and beliefs that don't serve you or your clients

6 x group coaching sessions to propel you, your vision and mission forwards with unstoppable energy and faith

6 x business mastermind sessions with subject matter experts so you can grow a thriving coaching practice, and show up with passion and authenticity

12 x weeks of accountability sessions to install new habits, track your progress and make things happen

A supportive, dedicated Facebook Group community of fellow coaches to share this powerful, transformational experience

There are only 12 places available on this intimate immersion

The investment for the Coaches Success Accelerator Program is £2,500+ VAT upfront.

We also offer our Easy Pay option of £500+ VAT with the balance due the day you commence the Coaches Success Accelerator program.


BONUS OFFER – Pay upfront and you will receive a professionally designed Social Media Graphics Bundle to rock your visibility online.

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