The Coaches Success Accelerator

Transform your Coaching, your Mindset and your Business Success.

A Successful Coach’s Mindset is unique…

As a coach, you want to be an example to your clients and prospective clients of what’s possible. 

You want to demonstrate, through your own journey, what can happen when you have a clear goal, a robust plan and the unwavering faith to make it a reality.

But what if, underneath it all, you have doubts?

What if you lack the self-belief, the feelings of worthiness or deservedness to make it all happen?

What if you feel like a fraud? Or worse, an IMPOSTER?

So many coaches we meet are hiding a deep secret.

They don’t believe they can do it.

They think there’s someone else out there who is better equipped, better connected, more confident, earning more than them and attracting the clients that they want to serve.

So instead of taking action and working on themselves, they stop doing the things they need to do to create their own thriving coaching practice.

  • They stop being visible 
  • They stop sharing their message
  • They busy themselves with behind the scenes work like choosing images, building courses and writing blog posts that will never see the light of day

All because they haven’t yet worked on their own mindset and the business foundations that will give them the profitable practice they desire.

All because they haven’t identified and overcome those inner obstacles that keep them stuck in place, or worse still, going around in ever decreasing circles with no end in sight.

And this makes us sad.

Because the reality is, you can get out of your own way.

You can create an unstoppable mindset and pave the way for the business success you crave.

You can develop the thoughts, emotions, behaviours, habits, strategies, beliefs, values, business processes and profit strategies that will have you showing up, confident in your ability to attract and create positive, lasting transformation with your dream clients.

You can become the coach you’ve always wanted to be.

And it all begins here with

The Coaches Success Accelerator

The Coaches Success Accelerator is a transformational combination of:

Coaches Success Accelerator Coaching Supervision

Coaching Supervision

As a professional coach, you know the importance and value of having coaching supervision. Our coaching supervision sessions give you the opportunity to share real-life coaching case studies so that we can advise you about the tools or techniques you can use next. This is especially helpful when you have a client who is stuck or when you’re undecided about the next best step to take to help your clients to achieve the results they desire. These group sessions provide a powerful learning and development experience for everyone who attends. Hosted live monthly, with 24/5 Q&A supervision support.

Coaching Masterclasses

In these practical, interactive coaching masterclasses, you’ll discover new coaching tools and resources that you can use for yourself, with your 1:1 clients and in groups. We provide you with the done for you templates and then teach you how to apply them right away in your coaching practice. Many of our coaches use them as the foundation of new offers or build them into existing offers to achieve more powerful results with their clients. Held monthly.

Coaches Success Accelerator Coaching Masterclasses
Coaches Success Accelerator Business Mastermind

Step-by-Step Success Building Mastermind

As a coach, you want to help your clients achieve the results they desire, and you also want to create a thriving, profitable business that enables you to achieve your financial and growth goals. Each month, you’ll participate in a live business building masterclass which focuses on the tactical and practical elements that you must develop in your business to generate sustainable profit. Held monthly, with step by step guidance for your stage of business development.

Done-For-You Resources

You’ll save yourself time, money and the frustration of choosing the ‘perfect’ image or font with these done for you coaching resources.  We’ve created the most useful and impactful collection of templates, workbooks, guides, worksheets and social media graphics so you can deliver professional resources to your clients. Not only do we share the resources with you, we train you on how to use them within your coaching practice. You’ll wow your clients with ease! New content monthly.

Coaches success Accelerator Done For You Resources


For warp speed transformation, you can add in 1:1 Coaching with our



you will

Become unstoppable by identifying and removing the doubts, limiting beliefs and inner obstacles that have been holding you back from fully showing up as an exceptional coach

Create impactful, resonant messaging that speaks directly to your ideal client because it comes straight from your heart to theirs, making it an easy decision to hire you

Step into the Coaches Mindset so that when your clients work with you, you're embracing your expert identity and skills where transformation happens fast

Create and refine your offerings so that they align with your expertise and generate the results your clients crave as well as the profitability you need to thrive as a business owner

Inject purpose by revitalising your vision for your coaching business so that you’re contagiously passionate and energetically aligned when talking about it in person + online

Experience expert step by step guidance. progress accountability and tactical, practical strategies to elevate your business and your profitability to the next level

The Coaches Success Accelerator includes:

12 x interactive live group coaching supervision sessions to support, advise and guide you on how to coach and task your current clients and refine your offers, pricing and copy to attract new ones.

12 x interactive live coaching masterclasses where you'll learn how to use a range of transformational coaching tools and resources with your clients. These are done for you and ready to implement right away.

12 x focused business success sessions so you can consistently grow and scale a profitable, thriving coaching business based on proven, easy to implement tactics that fit your specific stage of business.

Our comprehensive Coaching Success Vault, a members' only library brimming with done for you coaching resources, step by step templates, workbooks, marketing materials and 'how to' videos for easy implementation.

24hr / 5 days a week question and answers posts, copy and content reviews and program and package design feedback so you have the information you need to confidently coach and market and sell your offers.

12 months of accountability to install new habits, track your progress and make things happen. We help you gain and maintain momentum in our supportive, interactive Facebook community of fellow coaches.

A Glimpse inside the Coaches Success Vault

Coaches Success Vault

Add the Rocket-Fuel VIP

includes EVERYTHING above PLUS

1 x VIP Strategy Session to establish where you are now and identify the goals that will give you a sustainable, profitable business. Includes personalised dashbaord and 90 day plan.

3 x Powerful 1:1 Coaching sessions to identify and remove the inner and outer blocks that are preventing you from playing at 100% so you can get out of your own way and succeed.

3 x 1:1 Business Coaching and Advisory Sessions to establish the specific actions and the exact pathway you need to take to accelerate your business growth and profitability.

This is the place where you and your coaching business will thrive.


$1999 USD

($197 USD 12 months)

12 x interactive live group coaching supervision sessions

12 x interactive live coaching masterclasses

12 x focused business success sessions

24hr / 5 days a week question and answers posts, copy and content reviews

12 months of accountability to install new habits


$4499 USD

($800 USD 6 months)

Everything in the Coaches Success Accelerator


1 x 120  Minute VIP Predictable Success Strategy Session

3 x Powerful 1:1 60 minute Mindset Coaching sessions

3 x 60 minute 1:1 Business Coaching and Advisory Sessions

The Coaches Success Accelerator is enrolling now.  Calls are weekly with times to suit wherever you are in the world.

The Coaches Success Accelerator Program is for you if…


You want to improve your business building know-how to launch and/or grow your thriving coaching practice

You’re looking to deepen your understanding of mindset and embrace your own inner work

You want to create offers and messaging that resonates with your ideal clients and delivers real change

You are willing to invest in yourself to be the best Coach possible for your clients

This program is also perfect for those coaches committed to improving themselves so they can make an authentic and positive impact in people’s lives

The Coaches Success Accelerator Program is NOT for you if…


You’re content playing small or thinking your current state of mind will get you the success you crave

You’re not ready to implement the transformational strategies or take personal action

You’re not 100% committed to becoming the very best version of yourself for you and for your clients

You’re happy with unpredictable income – working from month to month, unsure of where your next client is coming from or how much you will earn.

Thank you! You are now on a waiting list for Coaches Success Accelerator.