Being self employed or running a small business can be lonely. It’s also very demanding. You are ultimately responsible for every aspect of your business from the marketing to the sales to the accounts. That’s before you’ve even done the actual “business”.

Having the guidance, encouragement and support of a trusted and experienced mentor who understands the demands of entrepreneurship can provide you with a broad range of personal and professional benefits, which ultimately lead to improved professional performance and a bigger, better business.

Here are just a few of the ways having a mentor can help you improve as a Coach and build your successful Coaching Practice.

1. Develop skills and competencies

Continuous professional development has benefits for yourself, your client and your business. Being accountable to professional mentor will encourage you to continually hone your craft and become a better practitioner. They will also help you to identify any areas for improvement or skills gap. By learning new skills you’ll also stay in demand. Your mentor will help you become more competent at your job. When you’re good at what you do, you’ll feel happier in your work and personal life.

2. Having a mentor can improve confidence in your abilities

It is not uncommon to seek reassurance from our peers and having a strong support network when you are running your own business is vital. “Imposter Syndrome” is something high achieving individuals struggle with and is an inability to recognise that their success or achievements are a results of their skills and hard work. Confiding in a fellow professional about how you feel can be hugely helpful in overcoming imposter syndrome.

3. You get better at accepting feedback

Most clients are lovely people. They appreciate and value the work you do for them and pay your invoices on time. But, sometimes they’re not. Some clients can be difficult or angry. Having a professional mentor who can help you recognise your strengths and your weaknesses will help you gain self-awareness, make changes as a result of feedback and build your resilience.

4. Expands your network of contacts

When we go it alone in business one of the first things we need to develop is a business support network. Having a mentor who has been in the industry and has built up a network of reliable and trusted contacts and can share it with you will be an important asset.

5. You’ll have someone who’s got your back

Running your own business is not all plain sailing. A mentor is someone with whom you can share your work and personal concerns with – so make sure they’re someone you get along with.

6. You’ll make more money

Having a mentor can help you stay engaged in your business and excited about your work. Your mentor will have the experience to help you set better rates, identify your ideal clients and help you develop and consider new opportunities. When you’re successful, you earn more money.

Mentoring is also good for the Mentor. Many of the benefits the mentee experiences, the same can be said for the Mentor as well. It feels good to nurture talent and you can pick up mentoring skills on the job, particularly with regard to leadership and communication. A mentee, coming at a problem from a different angle, can also help you to see a new perspective on the issue. You’re never too experienced to learn from others.

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