Season 04
:Episode 6

Balanced Coaching: Navigating Support and Challenge

Welcome to another insightful episode of The Mindset Coach Podcast. In this week’s pod, we look at one of the fundamental aspects of the coaching relationship: the delicate balance between providing our clients with both unwavering support and challenge for growth. I share practical strategies and examples that show coaches how to cultivate a supportive environment while at the same time motivating their clients to identify, confront and overcome obstacles.  From fostering trust and empathy to nurturing resilience and a growth mindset, join me as I reveal what you must do to create a robust coaching dynamic. Whether you’re a seasoned coach or new to the field, this episode offers actionable tips to elevate your coaching skills and empower your clients towards lasting transformation. Tune in! Visit our website Mindset Coach Academy Join Mindset Coach Collective – by The Mindset Coach Academy Community on Facebook. You can also follow us on our social media channels:

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