The Mindset Coach Podcast Episode 28

Being true to who you are in your marketing with Crystal Jukes

Did you know that your connection with your coaching clients begins well before you start working with them?

Your connection begins when your coaching clients first come across you on social media or in your content marketing. 

But is you they get to know, really you? 

Or is it a polished version of you that shows up online?

In this week’s episode of The Mindset Coach podcast, we are joined by Crystal Jukes, a Mindset and Marketing Coach who works with her clients to identify who they are as the first step to marketing their business.

Crystal shares her insights on the importance of building a deeper connection and relationship with your prospective coaching clients with authentic online content so that you are magnetising your ideal clients to you. 

Clients who resonate with your message, your vibe and who you really are.  Want to hear Crystal’s tips for doing this?

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