Over the last few weeks coaches have been reaching out to ask me what they should focus on with their coaching clients as we navigate this unique time in our history.

My thoughts are that there are three key things to prioritise with coaching clients right now.

1. Set New Goals

The first thing is to set new goals with your clients so that they re-establish or re-affirm their vision.

You may have had a wobble.

Your clients may have had a wobble.

And your clients may be feeling a little disheartened at the moment. Perhaps the goals they had set for themselves and were so enthusiastic about have lost a little meaning.

Perhaps they’re not making the progress that they want to make or they see our current situation as an insurmountable obstacle between them and the achievement of their goals.

As a coach, it’s important that you use a really robust goal setting process, like the one we share at the Mindset Coach Academy to reignite their passion and their vision.

In doing so, you’ll reinvigorate the momentum that compels your clients to achieve their goals.

As you get specific about what they want, you may also find that you need to reframe their goals in the current context – perhaps there needs to be a slight reassessment or an adjustment to the tactics to keep your clients on track.

Do this as soon as possible – with this clarity comes focus and with focus comes results.

2. Remove the inner and outer blocks to success.

The second thing to do with your coaching clients right now is to remove any blocks and sabotages they are experiencing – any of those thoughts or emotions that hold them back from the success they desire.

Now more than ever is the right time for your clients to be taking key, strategic action towards their goals. To help them to do that you’ll want to help them to identify and then get rid of any of those self sabotaging beliefs, habits or strategies.

Depending on your coaching toolkit, you can use anything from Hypnosis, EFT, Time Line Therapy or NLP coaching techniques to help your clients remove their self-sabotaging behaviour.

By reframing and removing negative emotions, limiting decisions and limiting beliefs you’ll be helping your clients to actually clear the baggage of the past and to create and forge new habits and behaviours that will support them now and in the future.

Giving clients new ways of thinking and feeling about situations means you’re setting them up to move forward and by removing the brakes of self-sabotage, they’ll accelerate at a faster pace towards the achievement of their goals.

3. Keep your clients supported and accountable.

The third thing is to spend more time touching base with your clients. Step up in your role as an accountability partner.

Take the time to make sure that any tasking makes sense in the context of their life or business right now and let them know that you understand that the work you do with them needs to fit into their current circumstances.

For example, if someone is now home schooling you’re going to need to adjust tasking to take into consideration the amount of time your client now has. Your role is to set them up for success as together you move towards the outcome they desire. For home schooling parents overwhelm may be high – you want to remove, not add to that feeling of “there’s too much to do”.

Now is also the time that you need to be giving your clients that higher level of support, knowledge and accountability, so that they resist the temptation to fall off track or to throw in the towel.

To recap, the three things that I recommend you do with your coaching clients are:

  1. reset goals with them
  2. remove any limiting beliefs, blocks and self sabotaging behaviours, thoughts and emotions.
  3. engage with them more regularly, be their accountability partner and provide them with that additional level of support in the context of what’s happening in the world right now

I’m Lara Young. I’m the founder of the Mindset Coach Academy, where we equip coaches to be the most exceptional coaches on the planet using a range of transformational coaching and therapeutic modalities. The next program begins very soon and if you’d like to learn more, then please visit https://mindsetcoachacademy.com or schedule a call with me here.

I’d love to learn how you’re adapting your coaching offerings and focus during this unique time.

Stay well,

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