The Mindset Coach Podcast Episode 21 -Episode 21 - How to create offers that clients will buy, no matter what’s happening in the world.

Knowing your niche and ideal client and the outcome that you help them achieve is an important factor in the success of your coaching or therapy practice. 

One of the core elements in any business strategy is having an awareness of the current climate – of what is happening economically, socially and environmentally in the world. 

As coaches, it’s essential that we use this knowledge and awareness to create offers that are going to continue to resonate with and attract our ideal clients. 

Sometimes this means re-designing existing packages and sometimes it means creating something entirely new.  

To do this, I recommend reviewing your services every 90 days, in line with your 90 day business planning cycle. 

In this episode, I share the specific steps you can take to  re-design your existing packages and create new ones that deliver the outcomes your client want at a price point they afford.


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