Allison Masterson

Allison Masterson

Eastern Daylight Time


I have worked in the healthcare industry for a lengthy time, and have actively been building my own massage therapy business since. I wear several hats as a caretaker, mentor, coach, mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. I am consistently learning new modalities to add to my business including Mindset Coaching, and also enjoy working on my personal growth too. Non Goal items that refill my cup are walks in nature, camping, trips with fam/friends, car shows, golfing, drawing/painting, listening to good tunes, and always learning.


Main Services: I have integrated Massage Therapy with Mindset Coaching. Creating the Mind Body Release System in order to release the mind and body of the anxiety, stress, frustration, and overwhelm that comes with living/working in this modern world. This will let my clients live more presently, increase sleep quality, and gain more mobility.

Target Market: Females 30-55years old who want to stop rationalizing their stress and how it affects their mind and body when living in their environment. Instead want to get to the root cause so they can truly live fully both in mind and body.

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