Laura Styles

Laura Styles



I am a mum of two young boys and I have recently been on a life-changing personal development journey which has completely shifted my mindset as a parent. After taking a deep dive into the way I was raised and asking a lot of questions about my own parents’ upbringings, my curiosity led me to intensively study attachment theory, gentle parenting, neuroscience and child behaviour as a means to break the cycle of negative generational parenting. Alongside this, with my mindset coaching therapies I offer a holistic approach to help parents navigate through the most difficult parenting challenges. The overarching themes of my coaching methods are the works of Dr Shefali Tsabary, Dr Gabor Maté and Dr Nicole LePera; if you are interested in being a conscious parent but feel lost on how to implement it, I can help!


Main Services: Helping to create mindful parents raising future generations of emotionally intelligent children. Signature packages include 90 minute weekly 121 coaching calls for: 1. A stressful household where you're feeling disconnected from your child/children and crave some peace and calm (roughly 12 weeks)2. A clash in parenting styles with your partner, which is causing arguments and confused, unhappy children (roughly 10 weeks)3. One specific parenting problem which you simply need to fix. ('One and Done' option)Webinars, workshops and retreats coming soon!

Target Market: Busy millennial working parents (of children aged 1-7) who have lost their connection with their children. Parents who like the idea of conscious and gentle parenting, but need help implementing.

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