Karen Simpson

Karen Simpson

United Kingdom


I’m Karen, my mission is to empower others to live a balanced and fulfilled life.

I am a proud Mum to my two children, a rescue dog Togo and three grandchildren. I have a passion for personal growth, being with Togo, dancing and having fun. Most importantly, I am living life the life that makes me happy.

I am a Neurolinguistic programming practitioner, timeline therapy and hypnotherapy practitioner. I have also been practising as an Occupational Therapist for 14 years. I have the qualifications, skills and tools to bring a scientific and holistic approach to my practice.

My story:
I grew up as an only child of divorced parents. Maybe, you can relate? I was quiet, shy and very sensitive. Growing up I did not feel secure or that I was good enough. I was taught that children were seen and not heard. I was not able to have an opinion and my voice was not heard. I did not feel valued or worthy of love.

This belief transcended into my adulthood. I suffered from severe anxiety and became involved in a number of toxic and abusive relationships. I drifted through life, not knowing why I felt so isolated and lonely. I was stuck and didn’t know which way to turn. All my friends were married or in a relationship. They had plans, a fulfilled and happy life. I asked myself, why can’t I have this? Is it because I’m too old, loud, quirky, slim, fat, ugly, boring?

This question started me on my personal development journey. I digested everything I could on the subject. I came to an understanding that the only one who can change you is YOU!

I absorbed myself into my personal development and started working with a Mindset coach. Existing beliefs and patterns of thinking vanished. I was able to see clearly for the first time and started to see possibilities everywhere. I felt empowered, worthy and confident with a sense of peace and acceptance. I now live my life the way that makes me happy. ME in the driver seat. ME in control. ME happy. MY MINDSET CHANGED. I am now in a loving relationship, I have a fantastic circle of friends, old and new and lots of adventures awaiting me.

So, this is why I am writing to you. I am making it my mission to reach out and connect with others who have walked a similar path. Hoping that we can work together to change any unwanted limiting beliefs and old patterns of behaviour that are keeping you stuck, unfulfilled and unbalanced.


Main Services: Mindset and Confidence Coach

Target Market: Single, professional women over 40

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