Christine Kenny

Christine Kenny

United Kingdom


1:1 Health Coach For High Achieving Women Entrepreneurs Clinical Dietitian & Mindset Coach.

Christine helps high achieving female entrepreneurs optimise their health & wellbeing so they can perform better in their business & feel amazing again in their body – without strict plans, food rules or fad diets. Following a clinical NHS and private care career and my own fight with neglecting my health. I’m fighting against the negative diet culture and quick fix mentality which sees so many fall foul to bad nutrition advice and choices and ultimately sees us form negative relationships with our bodies, be that physical or mental, and I’m also keen to bang the drum about the dangers of ‘the hustle’. From nutrition deficiency, hormone imbalance and burnout to elevated stress, poor body image, and a lack of self-worth and confidence our wellness choices impact so much. I especially love working with women who find it challenging to prioritise their own health due to running their successful business alongside a hectic home life, women who often do not recognise themselves in the mirror anymore.


Main Services: Using a combination of science and transformational work Christine empowers women to achieve optimum wellness, to not only feel healthy & confident in their body again but to increase productivity & reduce stress so they can achieve more success.

Target Market: High achieving/busy women unable to prioritise their health & wellbeing/approaching or recovering from burnout

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