Donna Easton

Donna Easton



Donna is a Joyologist, mindset coach, a performer, a people connector and hypnotherapist, Founder of ‘LifeShine’ and ‘WellMeOke’ (her wellness cabaret show).

Spending almost 25 years in the corporate world, Donna never felt fully comfortable in the corporate world where she shape-shifted to fit a mould yet her true voice was choked. Often labelled as ‘too emotional’ or ‘too much’, Donna broke free of the world that was stifling the very essence of who she was to develop her own businesses and embark on her mission of turning what we believe it is to be an adult, on its head. She has developed ‘Joyology’ her own brand of coaching and specialises in freeing the voice, enabling your fullest self-expression and living your life according to you core values and in full of gleaming, unapologetic, kick-ass joy.


Main Services: Joyologist, Mindset Coach, Hypnotherapist

Target Market: Women over 35 who feel ensnared by the traps of adulting.

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