Kate Bay Jaramillo

Kate Bay Jaramillo

Florida, United States


Kate Jaramillo, a Business owner and a Mum.

Kate has been serving clients in the online space for a decade. She is the Founder of Ketogenic Living 101, Creator of the Ketogenic Living Coach Certification, 3-time cookbook author, and the co-owner of global health business coaching company, Beyond Macros. Most importantly, Kate is a loving wife and mother of 4.

Kate knows the challenges moms face when it comes to creating, launching, and growing a successful business. As a Certified Mindset Coach, Kate helps moms overcome mom-guilt and imposter syndrome, effectively manage their time, and find alignment in their businesses.


Main Services: Content creation, offer creation, overcoming self-doubt, conversational selling, networking/personal connections

Target Market: Helping side-hustling health coaches go full-time in their business by attracting and retaining soulmate clients through a VIP experience.

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