Kathryn Donovan

Kathryn Donovan

South Wales United Kingdom


As a family coach my focus is on relationships. Relationships are the foundation to our mental health. When we are in healthy relationships we can express our needs and desires and get the support we need when we aren’t at our best.

To be able to get the best in our relationships, we first need to work our relationship with ourself. To re-learn self love, so that we can bring the best of ourselves to every situation.

I help parents to rediscover who they are and empower them with skills and confidence to create the family life and relationships they always wanted.

I have worked with children and young people for several years, as I am trained in trauma and mental health and therapeutic play.

I know how important it is to help children and young people through challenging times. Building soild foundations and relationships is vital to their long term mental health which I why I put a focus on the family dynamic.
Helping a child or young person make sense of their losses, and the world around them is fundamental, providing your child with a safe space to express themselves and giving you the tool kit to have open and honest conversation without having to worry about whether you are saying or doing the right thing .

I have a dedicated programme for Mothers or females carer’s who are supporting children and young people called NURTURE ME. This programme is dedicated to your personal experience, taking you from feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and undervalued to feeling calm, vitalised and loved. In this course I use group coaching, meditation, eft and reflexology to support your journey.


Main Services: I offer 1:1 coaching, I run an online group coaching for mothers/female carers raising children, VIP days and retreats

Target Market: Families, children and young people

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