Lucy Griffin-Stiff

Lucy Griffin-Stiff


Lucy is a life change, mindset and business coach who works predominately with women in their forties who have reached that mid-life point and are seeking change. Women who are ready to ask the questions “how does my life feel now?” and “how do I want it to feel?”.

Women whose life has got out of alignment through putting work and family first and their SELF last. Now they are looking to get their life back in balance, to figure out how they want the rest of their life to be, and to feel?

Lucy helps you identify and let go of what is no longer serving you, remove blocks that could be stopping you and helps you find clarity on what you want next. So you discover how you’d truly like life to be (in life and business) – and make it happen.

She helps you take small steps to your big vision – so it becomes your reality.

She loves to work in comfort and style, so if you’re a fan of a luxury retreat and want to change your life the VIP way – make sure you speak to Lucy.

Known for creating light bulb moments, Lucy’s name means “bringer of light”. Her approach to coaching is a blend of traditional coaching and consulting mixed with therapeutic techniques that leave long-lasting transformational results.

Lucy is a certified Mindset Coach, NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) & Time Line Therapy Practitioner with decades of experience in business, life and not quite a decade of parenting.


Main Services: 121 Coaching programmes and luxury retreats, (VIP days – coming post Corona virus)

Target Market: Mid-life (forties to fifties) professional women and business owners seeking change in life and business.

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