Marissa McCallam

Marissa McCallam



Marissa McCallam is a Body & Mindset Coach, Writer and Founder.

As well as passion for Self-Development and Mindset work, her experience as a Performer, Dance Teacher and love for physical activity have made her a firm advocate for the benefits of body connection and its links to mental well being. This led her to leave her career of 10+ years in the international Corporate sector to pursue her calling as a Coach and Social Entrepreneur.  Since 2016, she has run the platform Centre Myself which takes a fun and holistic approach towards increasing confidence and self-worth in Young People.

Her Coaching uses a combination of NLP, Personal Performance Development, Positive Psychology and Somatic techniques – she is also a Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy Practitioner.

Marissa helps Performers and Entrepreneurs discover what they want, decide how to go for it and feel like they deserve it.


Business Type: Confidence, Health & Wellbeing, Mindset

Main Services: Somatic and Mindset Coaching

Target Market: Performers, Creatives and Entrepreneurs

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