Michelle Reeve

Michelle Reeve

United Kingdom


As a mindset coach, CBT and EMDR therapist, as well as dedicated runner, I am on a mission to ensure my fellow runners are out there running with good mental health, feeling confident and loving every step.

Running is undoubtedly good for our mental wellbeing and mindset, but my 19 years experience working in mental health has taught me that sometimes we need something more. When running becomes a necessity, we train to the point of injury because we have to run in order to cope, or running is the only place where we feel good about ourselves, the costs start to outweigh the benefits.

Running is there to be enjoyed, to enhance our wellbeing, to be the place where we amaze ourselves with what we can achieve.

By treating the underlying mindset or mental health difficulty, we can turn running into something to be enjoyed again, feel confident in ourselves, and be able to trust we can perform at our best whilst keeping well. All of which expands into our lives as a whole.

When we have a healthy relationship with ourselves and our sport, incredible things can happen.

You deserve to run well, to be well, to run happy, and to live happy.

The Runner’s Therapist is a specialist branch of Psychology to Succeed, my therapy and coaching service for all.


Main Services: 'Reclaim your Running, Reclaim your Life' is an individual programme designed specifically for runners who also face mental health difficulties. It's designed for those who want to run towards their mental health recovery by accessing therapy, and then run beyond it by benefiting from the lasting, enhancing benefits mindset coaching has to offer. In addition, Michelle offers individual sessions using her unique combination of mindset coaching and CBT and EMDR therapy, tailored to your mental health and running needs. A free connection call is offered so you get the right plan for you.

Target Market: Sports people and athletes (male or female)

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