Michelle Reeve

Michelle Reeve

United Kingdom


Helping athletes and sports people gain self-belief and confidence through sports mindset training.

You love your sport but find yourself struggling with self-doubt, low confidence, performance anxiety, blocks, or difficulty getting over past events or injuries. Whatever your sport, whatever you’re experiencing, you can come back stronger, more resilient, believing in yourself, and having grown into the athlete and person you wish to become. Sports mindset coaching gets you to where you want to be.


Main Services: Main services: Get Started: your free call to explore how sports mindset coaching will help. Get Passion and Purpose: clarify your goals and ramp up your motivation. Get Focus and Fortitude: find your zone and keep going when the going gets touch. Get Composed and Confident: believe in yourself and perform with confidence. or the 12 week Complete Sports Belief Programme

Target Market: Sports people and athletes (male or female)

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