Jessica Carins

Jessica Carins

Sydney Australia


My journey through self development and fulfilment has been a catalyst to this deep innate calling to help others step into the person they only dream of becoming and out of overwhelm and dissatisfaction. ‘The answers are within you’ but sometimes we just need a little help to find them.

Mindset and Me takes a holistic approach to helping individuals achieve their goals and live their best life. I believe in nurturing the mind, body, and soul for overall well being and success. I utilise coaching techniques with the aim to harmonize positive shifts in mindset with physical and spiritual practices to promote emotional balance, personal growth, and self discovery. My mission is to inspire clients to adopt a proactive and mindful approach to life, helping them overcome obstacles and live a healthy and purposeful life.


Main Services: Mindset Coaching, Mindfulness Facilitation, Stress Management, Holistic Counselling, Health and Wellness Mentoring

Target Market: Millennial business owners and entrepreneurs, male and female Stress and dissatisfaction

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