Siobhan Somers

Siobhan Somers

United Kingdom


I help under confident people pleasing women in their 30’s identify their own dismissed values, let go of subconscious limiting beliefs, set healthy boundaries and build a practice of self love, to step into a life that feels aligned and easy. I know how it feels to find yourself a fully grown adult who is still unsure of who you truly are, frozen in inaction due to crippling self beliefs and feeling like your life is like wading through treacle. If you grew up hearing things like “do as you’re told and don’t ask questions” or “stop crying or i’ll give you something to cry about”, there’s a good chance you’ve ended up as someone who struggles to make decisions, gets easily overwhelmed, but can never say no to anyone. There might be a voice inside your head telling you that nobody cares what you think, you’re not good enough, you can’t do anything right – so you use all of your energy trying to be what everyone expects you to be. But it doesn’t have to be this way. What if I told you that meeting your own needs first could give you the energy to still help others, in a way that feels fulfilling rather than draining? I can help you figure out who you really are, what really matters to you, and how to live your life in alignment with the things you care about, so that you can feel content and be present.


Main Services: One to one coaching

Target Market: People pleasing women in their 30's

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