Waynette Hollis

Waynette Hollis


Waynette is an Intuitive Leadership Coach, Educated Advisor and Trusted Counsel. She helps corporate women get recognized, promoted, higher pay and be rewarded equally to their male counterparts. Her mission is to cultivate the leader’s mindset through transformation from the inside out.

For the last 7.5 years she has been an Advocate and Advisor as a corporate lawyer for the top tier of business. She has worked with both the private sector firms and the regulatory bodies of financial services and telecommunications. She has also worked with top aviation companies and major international banks. Her experience gained in the legal world as given her the ability to use empathy and consultative analysis in a way that gives her unique insight when dissecting complex information and unpacking established mindsets, behaviours and thought patterns to support mindful leadership and strategic direction.


Main Services: 1:1 coaching; corporate workshops

Target Market: female leaders in legal and financial services

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