Season 03
:Episode 31

Empowering Female Entrepreneurs Through Soulful Mindset Coaching

In this inspiring episode of The Mindset Coach Podcast, we are joined by Becky Stanton, a soul-led mindset and divine energetics coach with a passion for guiding ambitious, soulful female entrepreneurs toward their fullest potential. Tune in to this episode to discover how Becky’s rituals and soulful practices can elevate your mindset, awaken your intuition, and supercharge your journey toward business success. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting your journey, Becky’s insights and wisdom will undoubtedly leave you inspired and ready to embrace your miracle mindset. Tune in!

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About our guest

Becky Stanton

Certified Mindset Coach
Becky Stanton is a Soul-led Mindset + Divine Energetics Coach for ambitious, soulful female entrepreneurs. Her coaching and offers take you from “stuck in your head” to a deepening connection with your intuition, truest self and limitless possibilities. Creating more ease, balance and fulfilment as you pursue your entrepreneurial visions. Becky is a “Rituals Queen” qualified in NLP Mindset Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Tapping, Reiki and Breathwork. She brings a soulful and holistic approach to mindset coaching and soulful activations to empower women on their business success journeys. Becky also guides clients with her ‘Soulful CEO’ approach to business, balancing the masculine with honest, energetic and feminine business practices. It’s time to throw out the rulebook and expand soulfully! Listen to this activation for 7 days, play with the energetics and watch what manifests when you lean into the “Client Attractor” you really are in business.

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