Season 01
:Episode 14

Episode 14: How Well Do You Know Your Coaching Clients?

We all want to help our clients achieve their goals – that’s one of the reasons many of us become coaches. But to make a lasting, meaningful impact on your clients, you need to know more than what they want to achieve.

Often, coaches don’t go deep enough into really understanding their clients’ intricate details. Without knowing what makes your client tick, you may never have a handle on where your clients truly are in the process of achieving their goals. You may recommend prescriptions that are wrong for them or don’t get them any closer to success. However, when you actively gather knowledge about your clients’ behaviour, you can put into practice tools and techniques more suited to their needs.

I share how we can get a better understanding of where our clients are in this episode of The Mindset Coach. I also share why it’s important to do the diagnostic work with your clients and how to uncover what’s stopping them from achieving their goals.

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