Are You a Cheerleader or a Detective?

Understanding how your clients behave is important when helping them to achieve the results that they desire. But to step up and truly be the best coach you can be, you also need to understand your own behaviour.

You have many tools to give you insights into your clients and their behaviour, including DiSC profiling, Myers–Briggs, and Hogan reports ­– to name a few. You can use these to learn where your clients sit on a behavioural continuum. Do they lean more towards introversion or extraversion? Do they have a thinking preference or a feeling preference? Does their motivation push them away from what they don’t want or pull them towards what they do want? Knowing what makes your clients tick means you’ll be able to give them better-suited tasks and coach them far more effectively.

Thinking about client behaviour in this way got me thinking about a coach behavioural continuum. What behaviours do you think would go at each end of a spectrum, specifically for coaches? I think it’s obvious.

At one end of the coach behavioural continuum, we have a coach as cheerleader and at the other, coach as detective. In this episode of The Mindset Coach, I dive into what each of these traits brings to the table and where you need to sit on the continuum to be the best coach that you can be.


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