How To Develop Skills and Capabilities For Success

As a coach, helping your clients achieve their desired results is paramount in both establishing and maintaining credibility in the marketplace. Therefore, you need to have the skills and capabilities to reach your potential and help your clients reach theirs. If you lack the skill, knowledge, or ability to help your clients achieve their goals, your reputation, credibility, and mindset will suffer.

Not being able to help clients create the transformation they wanted when they signed up for you to be their coach leads to self-doubt. When self-doubt sets in, it impacts your self-efficacy. You begin to doubt your own abilities, and this can lead to imposter syndrome.

One of the best ways to dig yourself out of this hole of self-doubt is to focus on harnessing your existing skills and developing your capabilities. In this episode of The Mindset Coach, we’ll explore just how important your own level of skill and capability is. We’ll also dig into your own perception of your skills and capabilities and begin to work on ways to develop skills and capabilities for success as a coach.

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Reflect on your achievements

You have achieved many things in your lifetime. From the moment you took your first steps as an infant to becoming a coach so you could help others achieve their goals – you have many things to be proud of.

Start thinking about all your achievements to date and create an achievement log. Taking the time to reflect on your accomplishments helps you realise just how capable and skilled you are. Include as many achievements as you can remember. Some may seem less impressive than others, but that’s okay. Each achievement has helped you to become the person and the coach you are today. They are foundational skills that prove you can learn new things and develop new skills when you put your mind to it.

Reflect on times when you completed a course, managed or lead others through a difficult task, learned a new skill, or took up a new hobby. All o these things count as achievements. Everything you’ve learned are achievements that have been strung together. Maybe you’ve learned to listen to others with genuine empathy and interest. Or perhaps you’ve learned how to be an incredible parent. Write them down with pride!

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Identify your gaps

When considering the skills and capabilities you need to develop for success, you’ve got to consider the gaps that currently exist. Are there any gaps that prevent you from helping clients achieve their goals? Why have you struggled to manage your business? What’s stopping you from streamlining your productivity?

Think about the gaps in your life or business that could prevent you from providing clients with the level of service they deserve. It helps to consider the skills and capabilities needed to close those gaps. Perhaps you need to develop your time management skills or read financial books to help save money or organise your finances.

When it comes to systems and processes in your business, think about the skills needed to manage those things effectively. Can you develop those skills yourself? Or, maybe you’d rather outsource those tasks to other skilled professionals?

When considering different areas of your coaching business, look for obvious gaps, and then think about the skills required to fill those gaps. You can always develop your skills by reading books on the subject, watching tutorial videos, or taking a course. Of course, you can always outsource tasks and projects if it’s not something you can or want to do.

If you choose to develop the necessary skills yourself, there are many people, tools, and resources ready to help. Maybe you want to get better at marketing your coaching practice and services, in that case, consider ways to improve your writing skills. If you’re going to promote yourself on social media, take time to understand the various platforms and what works (and what doesn’t) on each one. There are many resources in the marketing and visibility space for learning and developing excellent skills and capabilities to help put your business in front of the right people.


How well can you sell your products or services?

Your product and/or services are what your clients buy from you to help them create transformation in their lives. So, what skills do you have in this area? You might be a prolific content creator with a library of content to share with clients. However, actually selling products and services can be an entirely different story.

Do you know how to launch a new product or service? Do you know how to entice people and attract your ideal clients? Selling your product and services to clients is a learnable skill. Not only that, but it takes skill to put everything together in a way that supports the transition of your client from where they are now to achieving their true desire.


Use your available resources

Before you go out and stock up on books and courses, etc., take a look at all of the amazing resources you own. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably downloaded lots of free resources from the internet over the years. Some could include some great resources designed to help improve various skills and capabilities.

You might even have some pre-paid courses waiting for you to complete. Maybe you’ve purchased a marketing course or a program to help scale your business. Look back through your available resources and think how they can help close gaps in your skills and capabilities.

To help sort out your thoughts, write a list of all the resources you have available. Then, map them across the gaps to see how those resources can help you to improve your skills in various areas of your business and even your personal life.

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