Coaching is a Calling

And coaching is also a business

As a coach, you likely have a natural ability to look into the future and see what you’d like your business to look like; after all, you help your clients make huge steps forward all the time. 

You’ve got your vision and you know what you’re doing for the next quarter, but how do you match that long-term vision with what you’re doing now

You’ve got to identify the opportunities and seize them. You’ve also got to be able to distinguish the opportunities that will move you forward and those that are simply a distraction. So, what can you do to identify these opportunities in the next 12 months?

Look at what you’re already doing

The best opportunities in your coaching business will come out of knowing what you’re best at and what you can share with the world that truly helps people succeed. Keep track of the successes you’re most proud of and your best testimonials and feedback to see the common themes. For example, you may help new mums lose weight, but maybe all your reviews rave about how you’ve helped them ingrain new routines that make being a new mum even easier. 

Keeping track of these areas where you excel will help you: 

  • niche down further if you choose to, allowing you to concentrate on those things where you are most effective (and often charge more for your results) 
  • make your marketing more specific and lead to fewer wrong-fit clients 
  • help you design more focused programs 
  • identify multiple areas in which you excel 

Try a Month / Quarter / Year of “Yes”

Saying “yes” to almost all opportunities that come along for a predetermined length of time can be a great way to push yourself outside your comfort zone and grow in ways you wouldn’t have otherwise. 

One caveat: not every opportunity is an opportunity – some are simply people taking your time and energy, so if you know you’re prone to giving too much away, just pause for a moment and think about what you’re giving and what you may get back. If it’s simply fear and doubt of that next step, say yes anyway.


Consider Helping More People

Are you struggling to serve as many people as you’d like to in the time available? Are you working when you’d prefer not to? Or do you find that some clients struggle to find the money for your one-on-one services? If so, it may be time to create a course to help clients who would love to work with you but aren’t yet ready or can’t afford to work with you on a one-on-one basis.

Keep an Eye on Trends

Trends come and go in coaching just as they do in every other industry, so keep an eye on trends and topics becoming popular on social media or issues coming up globally and consider how you can help – if it’s in your wheelhouse. For example, maybe you had to refocus your coaching on anxiety and stress throughout the early part of 2020 as everyone reacted to coronavirus. While you certainly don’t want to take advantage of people’s fear, you may be able to help more people by doing one-off group coaching or a three-day webinar course to help your followers face these challenges. 


The key to identifying opportunities is to know what you’re good at and constantly be looking for ways you can help more people or fewer people better. Of course, if you’re not yet certified, that may be your next best step, so you can better take advantage of these opportunities. To find out more about becoming a certified mindset coach, you can do so here. If you’re worried about moving ahead because you don’t feel like your clients are getting the results you’d hoped, read 3 Reasons Your Mindset Coaching Clients Aren’t Getting Results next.  



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