How to Integrate the Law of Attraction Practices into Your Coaching

Teaching your clients that they can receive their greatest desires isn’t always straightforward. Often there are blockades to overcome, such as trapping beliefs or an inability to receive. However, The Law of Attraction shows us that we have the power to choose what comes into our lives.

So, how can you use The Law of Attraction to help your clients get what they want?

At the Mindset Coach Academy, we often talk about where you are in your life right now as the sum of all your conscious and unconscious choices that you’ve ever made. So, whether you like it or not, you’re constantly attracting things into your life!

You might have focused your attention on bringing certain life experiences, events, situations, or people into your life, but it could also be due to what’s going on in the background. Our unconscious patterns, habits, behaviours and our emotions influence what we attract. Your vibrational frequency, or how you’re feeling at any given moment, has a lot to do with what the universe sends to you.

In this episode of The Mindset Coach, I explore the practices you can use to help your clients realise the power of The Law of Attraction and encourage your clients to conceive, believe, and receive their deepest desires.

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The difference between deliberate and non-deliberate attraction

Regardless of if you’re aware of it or not, you’re in an observation cycle. This is where you go through your everyday life, paying attention to the positive and negative things you receive, and emotionally responding to them.

When this happens, you emit a vibration. The Law of Attraction matches this vibration and sends you back more of this same vibration. This creates a reflexive loop. You observe and emit, and the universe responds in the same way.

If you’re doing this unconsciously, you have very little control over what you’re attracting into your life. So, you want to be very deliberate about it. This is called The Art of Deliberate Attraction. There are three steps to using this conscious thought effectively.

  1. Get crystal clear about what you want to attract into your experience
  2. Intensify your focus and raise your vibration so that it matches what you want
  3. Allow your desires to come into your experience

Can you see how this process matches up with the three principles of The Law of Attraction? When you set your mind to completing each of these steps, you’re using The Art of Deliberate Attraction to consciously attract your desires. It’s a concept that goes hand in hand with mindset coaching.

As a coach, you want to help your clients understand the correlation and relationship between what’s happening in their lives and how they respond to these situations. It’s our job to guide them through this observation cycle to help them access more of their life’s desires.

So, how can we help them navigate each step of this process? Here are some ideas.

You can watch the video of this episode below…

How to get clarity about what you want

Ask your client to get specific about exactly what it is they want. This must be their desire for themselves, not what someone else wants for them or what they think they should want. It should be their absolute passion and their dream alone.

Next, get your client to imagine their desire is already a part of their reality. Your client needs to get a full sensory experience of what it’ll be like to have it. This way, it’s more than just a goal written on a piece of paper. Now they’re associating feelings with it, emitting an emotional response that will generate those deliberate vibrations.

By doing this, you’re tapping into one of the core concepts associated with The Law of Attraction ­– that what you desire already exists in the universe. This is the idea that your wants are waiting for you to pay attention to them and manifest them into reality. Treat these desires as reality by journaling about them, meditating on them, or visualising them, and powerfully immerse yourself in what it’ll feel like when you’ve attained it.


The power of belief

The next stage is to get your client to truly believe that this dream is possible for them. Self-doubt, criticism, and imposter syndrome can try to stand in the way of your client’s development. A big part of your role as a mindset coach is to show them that it is possible. They do deserve their wants and desires. They are capable of accessing these wonderful things.

First, identify where their barriers to success are. What’s stopping your client from achieving their goals? Perhaps they’re doing (or not doing) something that’s preventing them from believing that this could be their reality. Maybe it’s their environment, habits, behaviours, values, or some other belief standing in the way.

You can use interventions, like timeline therapy, to clear out some of those negative past emotions and remove any low vibrations that are hanging around. Timeline therapy also helps us work past limiting beliefs and eliminate feelings of doubt and uncertainty. These emotions hold you back from noticing opportunities. However, once they’re gone, you’re in a much better place to not only spot them but take action.

When your client is no longer restricted by these limitations, they start to see almost serendipitous moments. And, what’s more, they’ll be ready to take advantage of them! This is the difference between sitting back and willing the universe to bring you what you desire and actively paying attention to what’s going on.


Raise your vibrations by moving past barriers

Working on your beliefs is one way to raise your vibrations – another is to focus on gratitude. If you think about it in relation to the observation cycle, when you pay attention to what you’re grateful for, you could attract more of it! Our brain is a pattern-matching organism, so if we complain, our brain will look for things to complain about. If we tell our brain what we’re grateful for, it’ll look for things to be grateful for instead.

You can also help your clients move past negative emotions through forgiveness work. Help your clients work on forgiving themselves for missed opportunities so that they’re more prepared to receive these opportunities in the future.

Visualisation, meditation, and future journaling work are all great ways for your clients to dig down into the whats and the whys behind their desires. But these tools are also effective in helping your clients identify where their thoughts and actions are out of alignment with these goals. Encourage your clients to use these practices to uncover why they’re not taking action in the way that they should. Then, use these insights as a springboard to move forward.


Prepare to receive

Does your client believe that they can have what they want? You have to be able and open to receive for The Law of Attraction to work.

To help your clients embrace this part of the process, ask them to choose a symbol. This will be a sign that what you desire is on its way. For example, when I was manifesting my daughters, my symbol was a butterfly. Just days before I became a mother, I noticed so many butterflies, I knew it was a signal that something was about to happen. Symbols are a powerful way to get people to pay attention and stay focused on receiving.

Another thing you can do is help your clients build the skills and capabilities they need to achieve their desires. Perhaps they need to do some personal development work to put themselves in the right position before they’re able to receive. Whether that’s learning new things, taking certain actions, or something else that they need to do first.

Your clients’ habits and behaviours should also be in alignment with their wants. You need to help your client start acting as if they’ve already got their desire and step into that identity. You shouldn’t treat your wants and desires as future goals, it’s more powerful to believe that they’re already here.


How to signal you’re ready to receive

Affirmations are another great tool to reinforce that you’re ready to receive. These embed the positive thoughts and feelings necessary to attract and receive. But if your client is struggling with them, or experiencing negative thoughts, there are some simple tricks you can use.

  • Add the word “yet” to a negative thought: “I haven’t met the man of my dreams, yet.”
  • Start the affirmation with “Won’t it be wonderful when…”: “Won’t it be wonderful when I’m living in a beautiful house”
  • Make a powerful statement by beginning the affirmation with “I’ve decided”: “I’ve decided that I’m going to start a business”

Making physical space by way of decluttering is also something I recommend. Say you want your business to thrive, but your workspace is unorganised or there are personal items distracting your focus, clearing that space is a good way to refine your focus. You can then create designated spaces for the things you desire. For example, if you desire more clients, you could set up folders on your computer ready for them.


Conceive it, believe it, receive it

As coaches, it’s our responsibility to ensure that our clients know they can have their desires. Understanding The Law of Attraction and tapping into this is such an incredible tool for changing your client’s life. It might not happen overnight, but when your client is in vibrational alignment with their wants, it’s only a matter of time!

If you want to learn more about incorporating The Law of Attraction practices into your coaching and discover other powerful ways to create change in your clients’ lives, check out The Mindset Coach Academy!


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