Finding Your Voice: Embracing Shyness with Nadia Finer

Mastering Coaching: Solution-Focused Strategies for Neurodivergent Clients

In this episode, we explore the art of coaching clients emphasising a solution-focused approach. I also answer a question about coaching Neurodivergent clients to focus on an outcome, specifically clients with ADHD.

Learn how to use empathy to reframe problems as opportunities for growth and development, helping clients shift their mindset towards effective problem-solving. Discover techniques to empower clients by focusing on what they can control, setting small, achievable goals that boost motivation through dopamine hits from small successes.

We also discuss the importance of building strong support networks, understanding boundaries, and utilising reflective listening to foster trust and openness. Perfect for all coaches, this episode provides actionable insights to enhance your coaching practice and support your neurodivergent clients effectively.

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Mindset Coaching success
Mindset Coaching success
Mindset Coaching success
Mindset Coaching success


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