Mindset Coach-a-thon: Joanne Outram

6 Figure Money Mindset

Did someone say “Money Mindset”?

Are you a six-figure coach but struggling to keep your money? Or working towards becoming a 6-figure coach or dreaming of this business?

Then this session is for you.

Here’s what you will discover:

# what a six-figure coaching business looks like and how this coach thinks about money.

# why it’s important to create the right money mindset for the coach you want to be, before you step into that role

# how to create a powerful empowering money belief that helps you to take the leaps you need to take to become the coach you want to be.

# the 4 dangerous money Mindsets that will keep you stuck, or will stop you from keeping the additional income you acquire.

Joanne offers a unique blend of Mindset Coaching with practical money know how.

Joanne can be found HERE

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