Season 02
:Episode 17

Money, Mindset and Imagination with Jo Outram

In this week’s episode of The Mindset Coach Podcast, I speak with Joanne Outram, Financial Fitness Instructor, Certified Mindset Coach and member of the Mindset Coach Academy’s faculty. She’s a chartered accountant who combines practical money strategies and transformational mindset techniques with real-world financial knowledge. She’s also a multi-published author, with her latest book Moneyology, available on Amazon. 

Jo shares some common issues people face with regards to their money mindset and shares the importance of using your imagination when it comes to your financial future. 

Also, stay until the end for the next adventure in our 52 Adventures to Change Your Life series.

About our guest

Certified Mindset Coach Joanne Outram

Jo Outram

Certified Mindset Coach

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