Season 02
:Episode 34

A powerful decision making practice with Lisa Archer

In this week’s episode of The Mindset Coach Podcast, we are together with Lisa Archer, certified Mindset Coach, Chiropractor, Energy worker and Breathwork facilitator.

Lisa helps female business entrepreneurs get out of overwhelm and grow their businesses without sacrificing their well-being or free time.

During our session, Lisa shared a powerful decision-making process you’ll love!

Stay tuned as we share how Lisa is combining what she learned through the Mindset Coach Certification program with her knowledge of energy and breathwork to help her clients transform. We also chat about Lisa’s role in our Mindset Coaching collaboration, the Mindset Success School.

Tune in!

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About our guest

Certified Mindset Coach Lisa Archer

Lisa Archer

Certified Mindset Coach
I help female chiropractic business owners achieve the income, impact and freedom they desire by releasing their blocks using mindset and energetic practices.

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