20 Ways to Use the Mindset Dimensions Report

How do you set yourself up for an amazing day so that you can achieve all that you desire (and more)?

Consciously creating your morning routine is the first step in building the habits that will make every day a great day.

By taking the time to follow the steps in this blog post, podcast episode and mini training, you’ll:

  • Craft a motivating, inspiring and grounding morning routine.
  • Design daily rituals that propel you forward into your day with energy and productivity.
  • Learn exactly how to set yourself up for success by starting your day in the ‘right’ way for you.
  • Eliminate the time-wasters, energy sappers and stress inducers that prevent you from achieving what you desire.

Listen to the podcast below or read on to discover How to set yourself up for an amazing day.

1. Step 1: The Pre-Work

Before you begin to create a morning routine that is going to work for you, you need to understand what is happening now. 

Over the next 3 days you’ll be using this workbook to make a note down your current morning routine. The key is to be honest with yourself. Include every action that you take to prepare for your day (even if that means that you hit the snooze button eight times before you get out of bed!) 

This is a self-assessment designed to increase your awareness of your current morning strategy and to identify where and how you can make it the best it can be for YOU.

There are no right or wrong answers!

 2. Step 2: Review

Now that you have an idea of what your current morning routine is like, it’s time to: 

  1. Describe a typical morning for you. You wake up and then what happens?
  2. Plot out how much time you spend on each activity. What do you notice? What do you want to spend more time doing? What do you want to do less of?

3. Step 3: Morning Logistics and Admin

Next, turn your attention to your ‘morning admin’.

Morning admin is about everything that you do to get yourself and, if it applies, the other members of your family ready to start the day. 

Morning admin includes all of those tasks and actions that are designed to get you to a mental, physical and emotional place where you are ready to work or relax or play. 

Begin by writing down all the tasks you do  in the order that you do them. 

Then you can start to plan out what you will do as part of the new morning you are creating for yourself. 

This workbook will guide you and prepare you for Part 2, coming next week. 


14 Ideas to include in Your Morning Routine

Here are 14 ideas that you can include in your morning routine. Choose the ones that resonate with you and remember, we’ll be exploring some of these in more detail in the next blog post and podcast episode.

1. Wake up early

Wake up early. If you really want to add more time to your day and be more productive, then try setting the alarm an hour before you usually wake up. Remember, if you’re not really a ‘morning person’ then your morning routine can begin at a time you prefer to start your day. 11am anyone?

2. Drink water + lemon first thing

It’s important to re-hydrate after sleep and to gently awaken your digestive system – drinking 250mls upon waking makes this happen. If you’re a coffee or tea drinker (I love my morning coffee!) then perhaps invest in a teasmade or timed coffee maker for extra indulgence!


Research shows that if you exercise first thing in the morning, it’s less likely to slip off your agenda later in the day.

4.Make your Bed

Make your bed, do a general tidy up, put a load of washing on, take out the rubbish. Getting these tasks done early in the day helps to clear away the clutter and paves the way for focus, productivity and no distractions later on.

5. Practice gratitude and journaling

Take some time to practice gratitude by noting down everything that you are grateful for. HINT: There’s lots more to explore about journaling and meditation practices here.

6.Work on your priorities

Work on a top priority project (business or personal) first thing. Give your attention to what you know is important to get done before the distractions of the day begin.

7.Check emails and social media

Check your emails and social media. Post and engage in groups first thing. Batching electronic communication helps to focus your time and attention – the result is that by not multi-tasking, you get more done.

8. Eat a healthy, energising breakfast

You can use this time to practice mindfulness, rather than standing over the sink with a bowl of cereal while you’re making the children’s lunches or doing the dishes at the same time. 


Read an inspirational book or poem or say your affirmations. Getting your mindset right for the day sets you on the path to focusing on what you want to do, be and have from that moment forward

10. Be kind

 Text or phone someone with some encouraging words or to tell them you are thinking of them. Lifting someone else’s spirits will also lift your own. You can do this during your commute if you work outside the home.

11. Plan your day

Take the time to write down what you are going to do and when you are going to do it. Double check calendars and phone reminders so that you remember everything that you want to achieve.

12.Review your big goals

Look at the specific actions you will take that day to move you closer to making your goals a reality.

13. Play music

Play some music that uplifts and motivates you. Sing and dance around and get those endorphins going! It’s amazing how when we engage the mind and body in this way early in the day it carries us through. 

14. Family time

Spend quality time with your family. Take time to eat breakfast together and start the day with love.


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