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The Mindset Coach Academy is a delightful and intensive 9-month programme, supported by a great team of professional coaches, I wished had been around when I was a teen. In fact, I think all the amazing tools and facts we learn about mindset coaching should be part of everyone’s curriculum. It’s a mind-opener. I finally understood certain patterns of thought which didn’t serve me anymore.

I was able to create better rapport with my clients and as well as remove my own bad habits. Interacting with people became easier and getting things done was no longer a struggle! This program not only gave me deep insight as to my thoughts, emotions, values and limited beliefs but also that of the mindset of my clients! Consequently, thanks to the tools and valuable support from Lara,

I have been able to address my avatars pain points and guide them to where they wished to be. If you want to learn what it takes to open up your own successful coaching business and are ready to maximize your investment by showing up, doing your homework and being consistent, then I can only encourage you to sign up for Lara Young’s excellent Mindset Coach Academy! It’s been a life changer!


Certified Mindset Coach

I had been researching NLP courses for a while and had even found a 7 day certification close to home on dates that worked for me but I kept procrastinating about signing up.

Then I saw an advert for the Mindset Coach Certification Program and instantly knew that it is what I have been waiting for and was delighted that I had procrastinated about signing up elsewhere.

I was drawn to the opportunity to learn a variety of mindset coaching tools so that I was best equipped to support my clients in a range of situation.

This training isn’t about having a one size fits all approach to working with clients, it’s about getting to know them and then using the most appropriate tool from our toolkit to help our clients get the results that they want.

I also love the business mastermind aspect of the programme. We’re not just learning mindset coaching tools, we are actively working on how we translate these into commercially viable offerings.

For anybody considering joining the programme I would encourage you to speak to Lara and perhaps members of a previous cohort (I’m always happy to talk).  It’s important that you click with the ethos and approach of a programme.  This isn’t a sheep dip certification that you can complete over a weekend or in 7 days.

It takes time, it’s in-depth and you come out at the end of it equipped with a range of modalities that you can use with your clients and in your own day to day life.  I jokingly say that the Mindset Coach Certification is a 2 for the price of 1 deal. Not only have I learned the skills I need to support my clients but I have been on a massive personal development journey of my own!

Nicola Semple

Founder The Good Life Well Lived

Mindset Coach Academy Testimonial
Mindset Coach Academy Testimonial

Michelle Reeves


Claire O’Hanlon


Aimee Kate


Delphine Koall


I joined because in addition to helping people transform their businesses I wanted to help people make shifts in their lives and mindset too. It hurts my soul to see people stuck and holding themselves back in life when with support from someone like me, they could create a life that lights them up. The Mindset Coaching Academy has such a comprehensive set of tools to teach that build upon each other. NLP, Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy and much more – combined in a way that means you will always have an appropriate therapy or tool to help people move past what’s keeping them stuck and live the life they’d love to live. I love the way it’s a combination of remote training / learning via zoom and also in person retreats. Face to face learning is so powerful. And I wanted to get properly qualified gaining globally recognized certifications, and not just some quickie course that doesn’t equip you to do the job.

Personally the programme is transformational because during the learning process you get to experience the techniques your are mastering. So while we learn how to deliver time line therapy, for example – we also get to benefit from it. I think by the time the programme is finished I’ll have got rid of all my negative emotions or baggage that I’d be unknowingly been carrying around for years! Which also means personally I can relate to what my clients may experience too, which is really important to understand.

Professionally I gain some brilliant skills, knowledge and techniques that change lives. And have a worldclass training experience – while gaining my qualifications.

Having looked at other options out there to learn and get certified, I chose Lara’s programme. Lara’s is incredibly experienced in delivering training, is qualified at a very high level having trained with some of the best in the world and personally Lara has that great mix of warmth and accountability to keep you on track. The programme is incredibly comprehensive – it covers so many modalities in depth. The Mindset Coach Academy is registered as a school of training, which means it adheres to standards. The mix of online learning and retreats works really well. This programme builds friendships and lasting relationships not just brilliant mindset coaches.

Be prepared to work hard! There is a lot to learn and a lot to do to achieve the levels of training offered in the programme. But it will be worth it. If you truly want to learn how to do this stuff from an expert in a small group this programme is great. It’s no quick fix or two week intensive. It’s where you come to learn how to do things properly.

Lucy Griffin-Stiff

Life Change, Mindset & Business Coach

Sophie Pagalday


Alex Cooper


Lesley Thomas


Before I joined Mindset Coaching Academy, I had been spinning my wheels forever trying to figure out all the pieces to getting my coaching business (and my mindset) in a better place. Since joining, I’ve gained a ton of clarity around my ideal client and my messaging and I’ve also learned several mindset techniques and frameworks for delivering a transformational service. I’m feeling so much more confident in my value, my ability and my plan. The great thing about the program is that you gain tangible, high level skills but you also get to experience your own break through’s and A-Ha moments. I highly recommend Lara and the Mindset Coaching Academy.

Leslie Talbott

I had previously qualified as a life coach and NLP practitioner, however, didn’t feel comfortable using the tools I had learnt. Training with Lara has deepened my understanding of NLP and coaching and given me the confidence to put my skills to use. The bonus of the course is that Lara teaches you how to set up your coaching business, which enhances your learning and ensures you put what you learn into action. The Mindset Coach Certification course is value packed and I highly recommend it.


It is helping me to build my Mindset knowledge base/skills/ and confidence massively – it has helped me to release a lot of stuck emotions that have been holding me back and work on my own limiting beliefs which will enable me to become an unstoppable mindset coach.

Faye Ingram

It has equipped me with tools to use for personal growth and working with clients. It has taught me A LOT about the way the human mind works and different approaches to change internal representation of clients.

Jen Wardyga

Not craving potato chips lol. I really enjoyed the program so far particularly getting clear on my goals, removing my limiting beliefs and unwanted emotions from my unconscious mind. I’ve already implemented some of the techniques into my program and I found it extremely helpful for my clients.

Hanna Hanula

I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for everything!! You have truly have been a wonderful teacher these last 9 months, and I’ve learnt so much that will not only help me serve others, but has also transformed me personally. Removing doubts and fears within me, so I can rise up to become the best version of myself I can possibly be. 

Danni Fearon

I went in thinking that I would learn something about mindset theory and NLP and what I discovered was there was much more that Lara could offer any new coach or existing coach. Lara has given me instant impact in my life and in my current career and I’m so confident that she’s going to make me a great mindset coach. I can’t say enough how much I enjoy working with Lara and recommend her and recommend her organisation, so please check it out.

Alex Cooper

The belief that I am on the right path and the confidence to know that I can do this! I’ve already had feedback positive feedback from clients in my existing business and yet to launch new business.

Jean Fenwick

It has helped open my eyes to the myriad of tools and techniques available to me, to achieve my goal of being a successful mindset coach!


It’s really opened my eyes to amazing tools that bring change so quickly
I like have a chance to practice everything and not just learning theory


I am a licensed clinical social worker who works with clients struggling with experiences of trauma and loss. Adding hypnosis to my toolkit has been a game-changer. 


I initially enrolled in Lara’s Mindset Coach Academy to gain the skill of hypnosis, and after the 6-week course, have gained so much more: more effective ways to engage with my clients and approaches to help us both discover what might be blocking them from realizing their goals. 


Lara’s style is personable and her material is evidence-backed. She knows her stuff and is an effective teacher. I began adding hypnosis as soon as the first week after the course completion and it has really made a difference for my clients.

Lauren S. Walker, LCSW

I really enjoyed taking part. Learning all about hypnotherapy, experiencing hypnosis, practising reading and putting together scripts, doing the pendulum work and meeting others on the course. Lara is warm and relaxed and explains things very clearly. The teachings and videos were very informative. This is a fantastic introduction to hypnosis, with a good balance of theory and practical experience. 


I’ve gone from not knowing much at all about hypnosis to feeling like I can use it with others and can see the difference it makes. I love that I now understand how to put together a script because it feels like the possibilities are endless! 

I would highly recommend this course as a fantastic introduction to hypnotherapy. Lara is lovely and supportive, the course is fascinating and it’s great to meet others on the course and to practise together. The course is professional and well put together, with the addition of a Facebook group to ask questions in.


Joy Trevivian

Mindset Coach Academy was one of the best decisions I have made for not only my business, but also for my own mindset journey.

You don’t just learn the techniques to use for your clients, but you get the opportunity to actually experience the transformations as a client yourself, something which is just so powerful.

I have learnt so much from MCA and I am so excited to be in a position now where I can hold those deeper transformations for my own clients. The best thing about MCA is that you don’t just leave with a mindset coaching qualification, you leave with multiple!

I feel confident and well-equipped to lead my clients through their own mindset transformations.

Thank you so much, it has been an incredible experience and one that I won’t forget.


I joined the hypnotherapy practitioner program to evolve myself and my work in the world by becoming a hypnotherapist. I really enjoy the learning of course and Lara. She is a bright light. So fun with an incredible mind that holds all her wisdom, like wow, she is brilliant and truly cares. The community was very lovely as well.

Kristine Stanski

I’ve drawn from this work with my existing clients already and can see how I can use the deep dive and the change work. I’m excited about how much I can utilise this to help clients make even deeper changes. 


I’m so glad I did this course it was such a positive experience and so great to be around other empowering women. It was amazing to experience Hypnosis too and to embed my own learnings by being both practitioner and client.


Rebecca Bradley

As an experienced health professional I truly feel everyone working with other humans would benefit from this course. Not only in terms of what you can offer your clients but in terms of the growth you will have as a practitioner by undertaking this course. I would 💯 recommend joining the Hypnotherapy Certification Program.

Kate Sedon

I am so excited about offering hypnotherapy I feel that it’s so aligned with me and I have loved being part of the group and It’s sparked a thirst and curiosity to learn more. I have really enjoyed the course particularly the practices.


Lara is great. She is so experienced and insightful the course is a great introduction to change work hypnotherapy. The partnership work is great and the content is well paced over the weeks and the portal and resources are brilliant 



Each week had a practical element to it, so we were able to go from theory to practice in each session. I enjoyed everything about the course, especially learning how to use the pendulum. 


I would encourage anyone interested in joining the Hypnotherapy Certification Program, to make sure they set aside time to revisit each session, so they can put the theory into practice, as Lara goes into so much GREAT detail. 


It is an amazing course, especially as Lara is so knowledgeable and does not just teach you hypnotherapy skills, but she also includes her knowledge and experiences from NLP and Mindset.



Andrea Corbett

How has the program benefitted you? Omg…how hasn’t it benefited me! I got my son to sleep with hypnotherapy in spite of 11years of him never going to bed easily. I have been using it to deal with clearing my home of lots of inherited items that created clutter. I’m about to record some scripts to help me too!


Do it. It’s fantastic! And Lara is lovely!



This is not just a course, it’s a truly transformational experience that has helped me in so many ways. The Mindset Coach Academy gave me the chance to learn in-depth techniques about NLP, mindset, and hypnotherapy which have benefited not only the people I work with but also myself, it has improved my life significantly. 

I met so many inspirational women from all over the world whilst working through the course, we formed such a supportive network during our time together and I have made lifelong friends. 

Lara has been a wonderful teacher and great support to me, she is encouraging and does everything she can to enable you to succeed. 

Since completing the course I have launched my marketing and mindset coaching practice, the whole experience has given me a confidence I never knew I had. I’m so excited about the future! 

Crystal Jukes

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