Season 04
:Episode 4

The Art of Value Whispering with Melitta Campbell

In this episode of The Mindset Coach Podcast, Lara welcomes Melitta Campbell, a business coach, author, and expert in value whispering.

She is also one of the Mindset Coach Academy’s Certified Mindset Coaches. They delve into the art of subtle yet impactful marketing, the power of authentic connections, and how introverts can thrive in networking environments. Melitta shares insights from her upcoming book, “The Art of Value Whispering.” Melitta offers invaluable tips on how to connect with your audience in a meaningful way, fostering long-lasting relationships and mutual success, and standing out in the crowded digital landscape.

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About our guest

Melitta Campbell

Melitta Campbell

Certified Mindset Coach

Melitta is a multi-award-winning Business Coach, and Certified Mindset Coach, often referred to as ‘The Value Whisperer’ thanks to her almost empathic ability to identify her clients True Value.

With an understanding of their true awesomeness unlocked – and with the guidance of her Dream Clients Blueprint – her clients quickly break free from a cycle of self-doubt and overwhelm, to create a business that gives them the income, impact and lifestyle they desire.

Melitta is also the host of the Driven Female Entrepreneurs podcast, and author of the best seller: A Shy Girl’s Guide to Networking.

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