Mindset Coaching

Mindset coaching is gaining in popularity as more and
more therapists, holistic practitioners, personal trainers, aspiring coaches
and leaders recognise that true transformation happens when you work with your
client’s mind to create fast and lasting change.

Creating fast and lasting change happens when a coach
uses a range of tools and therapeutic techniques specifically designed to:

  • Understand where the client is now (their current state)
  • Understand where they want to be (their goal or vision)
  • Identify and remove any barriers to success
  • Inspire, motivate and ignite change in their thinking, habits, beliefs and behaviours.
  • Embed those changes as a new way of being

If you’ve decided you want to be a coach or to develop
your coaching skills, fantastic!

Maybe you’re already a therapist, a healer or a leader.  Maybe you already work with people and you want to continue to lead and inspire. 

Coaches do what they do because they want to help people.  Coaches want to help people overcome those barriers that stop them getting the results they truly desire. 

You might want to be a coach because you’ve helped people already and you liked the way it felt.  It could be that you’ve been coached yourself and you want others to experience the positive benefits and transformational effects that you have experienced.

Whatever your reasons for getting into Coaching, before you invest time and money on training for this new career there are 5 things you need to know first.

1. You don’t need to be accredited to become a coach.

Coaching is an unregulated profession.  You can start your business as a coach without qualifications or accreditation, but the reality is that in order for you and your clients to get results, having a certification where you have studied and applied coaching theory in structured practice makes a significant difference – to your results and to theirs. The quality of your coaching skills and your ability to facilitate change will ultimately be what gives you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

You want to create clients who are your raving fans. And for this to happen, you need to be the very best coach that you can be.

When you invest in your
own professional development this is reflected in the quality of the coaching
you provide.  Adding to your skill set
and knowledge improves both your performance and your earning potential.  Having the ability and the expertise to
progress your clients towards their goals and transform their lives, at pace,
is a long term investment in the success of your coaching business.

2. You need to be better at listening than at talking

The saying goes “Two ears, one mouth” for a reason.  Coaching is not about you dispensing your wisdom to a client and them handing over their cash for the privilege.  As a coach, you need to be able to identify  your clients unhelpful and negative thought patterns, recognise the beliefs that have been holding them back, from happiness, from success and from fulfillment and you cannot do that unless you truly listen to them and find out what makes them tick. 

By applying your practical knowledge, listening to your client and asking the right questions, you can then create tailor-made interventions for your clients that work.

3. You don’t have to be the smartest person in the room to be an effective coach

But you do need to be the most attentive.

As a Coach, you learn to pay attention to your clients in a whole new way. Coaching is about your client, not about you and being able to embrace the coaching mindset, as well as the coaching skill set is what will set you apart from other coaches in the marketplace. Being highly curious and having awareness of your own filters, patterns, beliefs and values is the first step in helping your clients to unlock their own potential. When you train as a coach, you “go there first”.

This means that you experience the power of coaching and the transformation it can create first hand. You learn that you don’t need to have the answers – just a powerful toolkit to unlock those answers in your client at the conscious and unconscious level.

4. Coaching is a skill. Running a coaching business requires extra skills.

Both can be learned but you can’t have a successful coaching business without the other.   Before you begin a coaching career you need to ask yourself if you are prepared to spend as much time on the business, if not more – especially in the early days – than you will on actually coaching.  Marketing, administration and all the other elements that go along with building a business are an essential component to having your own coaching practice. 

It may be worth speaking to other coaches to find out what it is really like.  As your practice grows you will inevitably be able to outsource much of the day to day admin and business “bits” and be able to spend more time focusing on client work, but in the early days you’ll most likely be doing everything yourself.

That’s why, at the Mindset Coach Academy, our Make it Happen! Business Mastermind is included in the program so that you can build your business alongside your coaching skills. You’ll be equipped with everything you need to do and to know to create a successful coaching practice.

5. You aren’t selling the coaching, you’re selling the results.

People hire coaches because coaches change lives.  Coaches have the ability to transform someone’s whole perspective. 

The negative beliefs and thought patterns that once held them back from finding success, finding love, being able to lose weight or running a successful business can be unpicked and turned on their head by a skilled and experienced coach.  Clients are paying for the result not the process. 

They don’t care how you get them from point A to point B, only that you can and will. As a mindset coach, you’re equipped to help them make this transformation in way that gets lasting results.

If you’ve read this and you’ve decided that you want to be able to transform other people’s lives as well as your own you can get started today by signing up to the Mindset Coach Academy, Mindset Coach Certification Program. 

At the Academy we teach you everything you need to know, not just about advanced mindset coaching techniques but also about how to run a successful coaching business.

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