Who Needs a Mindset Coach? Identifying Your Ideal Clients

Without clients your mindset coaching business cannot exist.  No customers means no sales which means no business.  The biggest problem all businesses have when they first start out is finding clients.  

Landing that first client is an incredible moment and can be a huge boost but you need more than one.  In our previous blog we looked at the hows and the whys of marketing and in this post we’ll be talking about what steps you can do to identify your potential clients and how to attract them creating a steady stream of income.

Here are 4 actions you can take to attract clients to your coaching practice.

1. Identify your ideal client 

This is a really important piece of work and one of the first steps you should take before planning your marketing strategy.  If you don’t know who your ideal client is none of your messaging will be clear. In order to create content for your social media, website or other marketing channels you need to know exactly who it is you are speaking to.  Identify the client, craft the persona and then develop your messaging according to their needs.

Get in touch if you want help to identify your niche, your ideal client and your message.

2. Get paid first. Coach second.

Clients are more likely to commit to the coaching process if they are financially committed and have made that investment in themselves and you. Get comfortable with taking payment for your services.  Your time and your skills are valuable.

You may have been used to providing coaching and advice to your friends and family free of charge because you love coaching others and it comes naturally to you.

When you start your coaching business, you need to remember that it is a business and that you are providing a service and a transformation that your clients are willing and ready to pay for.

Your coaching mindset needs to be aligned with this so that you will attract your ideal clients who value the work that you do.

3. Become The Kind Of Coach You Would Hire.

In a previous post we took a deep dive look into the importance of professional development in the coaching industry.  Regularly updating your skills gives you an advantage in a competitive and crowded market place. Being an excellent coach is also about how you treat your clients.  Cancelling sessions at the last moment, not keeping track of the clients progress or making them accountable can lead clients to feel you are a waste of their valuable resources.  Clients work with coaches because they want to make a change in their life for the better, so be the person that helps them achieve those results.

And remember, client testimonials are worth more than you could ever spend in paid ads.  

4. Use Video To Attract Clients

Social media platforms love video.  Facebook has now positioned itself as a direct competitor to Youtube so is pushing video content like never before.  Add captions to your video and potential clients can watch with the sound down and keep up with your messaging. Video gives clients an opportunity to get a feel for who you are and how you work.  Know, like, trust is incredibly important when building a brand and being front and centre in your media messaging in video is the quickest way to establish rapport.

5. Show Your Clients that You have the Solution for Them

Developing a successful coaching practice is about being able to recognise your ideal clients pain points, their problems and issues and then demonstrate the ways in which you can help them solve those problems and move forwards.  

It’s about having a comprehensive suite of tools so that you know what makes your coaching clients tick. And the competence and the confidence to help them to make the changes they desire.

The Mindset Coach Academy was set up with the goal of providing the best coaching practices along with the tools and skills needed to set up and run a successful sustainable business.  Without the ability to market yourself your business will fall at the first hurdle. The Mindset Coach Certification is a 6 month program followed by ongoing community and support. The program runs alongside our unique 3 month business-building mastermind program to get your coaching business growing and generating income fast.  Want to know more? Get in touch.

Our next program starts in September 2019.


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