Why CPD is Essential For The Success Of Your Mindset Coaching Business


Continuous professional development is important in every industry.  What the professional coaching landscape looked like when you started out is probably very different to how it looks today and it is likely that we will be able to say the same again in another five or ten years.  Those that stand still end up lagging behind and you may find your skills out of date sooner than you realised. By committing to ongoing learning throughout the life of your career means that your skills will never become outdated and your knowledge will stay relevant.   


Continuous professional development means the learning activities undertaken by professionals in order to develop and enhance their abilities.  The best professionals in the world never stop learning. Continually improving and updating your professional qualifications and skills delivers benefits and opportunities for both you and your clients


The benefits for your business


Investing in your learning is an investment in the longevity and success of your Coaching business.  Enhancing your skills also means that you are in the position to be able to train, coach and mentor others to become Coaches themselves. Passing on your skills and experience to others can help you stay interested and interesting. Continuous learning also means we can have a deeper understanding of the implications and impacts of our work which has the knock on effect of increasing motivation and job satisfaction.


The benefits for your clients


The Coaching industry has never been busier so now, more than ever, it is vital that you keep pace with your competitors.  By continually updating your knowledge you can ensure that you are maintaining a professional service for your clients. When your clients get excellent results your reputation grows and your business along with it.  Constantly up-skilling also means that you will be better equipped to deal with your own and your clients’ current and future challenges.


The benefits for you


Identifying and removing your own blocks and limiting beliefs will help you to help others.  When we adopt the habit of learning we develop a growth mindset. Developing your own growth mindset will have an impact on how you deliver your coaching. The coaches own mindset, beliefs and strategies influences the clients mindset and self expectation. When you expect better of yourself and constantly strive to grow and improve, so do your clients.


The benefits for the industry


Through accreditation we can build trust and increase public confidence in ourselves and in the coaching profession as a whole. We can also raise industry standards by recognising and addressing any gaps in our knowledge or skill set.


It is important to celebrate the successes!


When did you last celebrate your successes or achievements? Sharing your success can help others to learn and spreads and promotes good practice. Sharing case studies of success stories not only demonstrates your expertise and the results you can help clients achieve but it can also serve as inspiration for your peers and potential clients.


Continuous professional development gives you something to work towards and a framework for development.  It allows you to start recording all of your successes and achievements


Recognising and celebrating success is powerful.  It brings fulfillment because it reinforces why you got into coaching in the first place and reinforces your hard work and determination.  When you acknowledge your own achievements it helps to maintain your motivation and keep you engaged.


Sharing success is like telling a story, you want to tell a good story that has an impact, that helps and inspires others to achieve their own goals.


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