Would You Hire Yourself?

How are you showing up for your business?

When you’re a business owner as well as a coach, it can be challenging to keep yourself accountable and perform every day like the CEO you are. But how you show up every day speaks to a number of different things. It indicates your identity, habits, behaviours, and your skill level as a coach. Ultimately, how you approach fulfilling this CEO role is vital to furthering your business.

So, I want to ask you, how do you see yourself as a business owner? And, given a choice, would you hire yourself into your business?

In this episode of The Mindset Coach, I discuss how you can think about your overall performance. I share two exercises that you can do to understand more about how you’re showing up and why you should invest in your own development to improve your and your client’s results

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Are you the best candidate for your role?

You may not know this, but previously, I had a corporate career as a Global Head of HR, human resources, and Organizational Development and Change. I hired many people and oversaw hiring teams for many years. During that career, I used many tools and considered different factors to decide if someone was a good fit for the business. So, using these methods, we’re going to look at whether you, as the hiring manager of your business, would invest in and hire yourself.

There are plenty of tools out there that anyone can use when approaching hiring. These range from basic interview questions, psychometric diagnostics, emotional intelligence, general intelligence, and personality profiling tools, and are all used to find out more about the candidate. But hiring choices often involve much deeper thought and consideration than this.

You may want to consider if they’re the right cultural fit for the job, their background, and what skills they bring to the table. Will this person fit in with the other people in your company, and will their skills complement the team’s existing ones? You may have a particular vision for the role and for the candidate. All of these things combine to help you decide if this is a person worth hiring. When you look at your role and how you perform it from this perspective, do you think you’re the best candidate for the job?

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How are you showing up for your business?

Now, there is one thing to bear in mind. When you hire someone, you’re likely seeing them at their absolute best. This is just a snapshot of them when they’re showing up and putting in 100% of their effort. You’ll believe that they can bring and deliver this energy consistently, and it can play a big part in your decision-making process. But, if you’re thinking about your own skills and performance, it’s likely that you’ve got a much wider understanding of your successes and failings and may focus on those. For these exercises, I want you to think more about your performance on a good day.

It’s important to remember that everyone has good days and bad days. Nobody can show up as their best self every single day. We all have peaks and troughs in our performance, and some days will be more productive than others. So, I want you to think about what helps you to fire on all cylinders?

For the first exercise, I want you to write down what helps you be in a place where you can truly show up for your business. Think about those times when your coaching skills were on point, you felt good about yourself, and you’d stepped into your identity as the business owner and CEO. You can do this by creating a productivity map or keeping a productivity diary.


Map out your productivity

Think of your productivity map a bit like a food diary, but instead of tracking what you eat, I want you to record how you showed up for your business that day. You can write this down in your notebook, your Notes app, or wherever you feel comfortable keeping a record. Note down how you approached work, what your thoughts and feelings were, if you were more or less productive than the day before, and why that might be. Could it be that you put some makeup on and dressed as the CEO that you are, and that influenced how you approached the day?

Next, think about how your energy levels change throughout the day. You can use every productivity hack there is, but if your energy levels aren’t aligned with when you’re trying to work, then you won’t get the results you desire.

I know that I am more productive in the morning. I am more articulate, my brain is clearer, and I know I can deliver on more challenging work at that time of day. But I’m less productive in the afternoon. So, I take my downtime and give myself an energy boost for a second wind. Then, I’ll have about one hour’s productivity in the evenings when that energy returns. By understanding when I’m more productive, I can plan out when to do my most challenging work or the work that needs me to show up at my absolute best.

Now, the last thing to consider is if you’re truly giving 100%. When you feel productive and your energy levels are at their highest, how much can you honestly say you’re giving to your job? Is it 100%? Then think about what your day-to-day average is. Nobody can give 100% all day, every day, but if you can aim to give 100% to each task at hand, you could see a marked improvement in what you can do.

But moving that needle requires that you change your behaviour so that you can give your job your complete focus and attention. Perhaps you need to think about doing things differently or transition to new ways of working. Consider what it would take for you to level-up your performance even by just 1%. You could introduce new habits, such as putting on your makeup, working in a different space, or writing with a lucky pen to help you move into a more productive, dedicated headspace.

It’s only by doing this analysis that you’ll know what you need to step into your role as a coach and business owner. When you’ve figured out these elements, you will be able to show up for yourself and your business more consistently, and in turn, deliver your clients the results that they desire.


Write your job description

Now, let’s take it back to the idea of whether you’d hire yourself. Once you’ve done the work to evaluate how you’re showing up for your business honestly, the next exercise is to write yourself a job description. This lays out all of the things you do, as well as your skills and capabilities.

A job description is also a great way to start thinking about what you could outsource. It will clearly show you where your skills fully align with your job and where they deviate. Perhaps you’re not the best person for certain parts of your job. These could be outside of your skillset or drain your time and energy. As a business owner, you should dedicate your time to doing the things that bring you joy. Your job description can help you plan what you’re going to outsource when or if that becomes available to you.

Alternatively, you should use this as a tool to recognise what you excel at within your business. What one requirement of your job would you doubtlessly hire yourself for? Identifying what you truly are great at in your business and enjoy doing is a great motivator for productivity. This way, you can consider how you can do more of what makes you happy and brings you energy, and less of what takes your energy away.

So, take some time to review your performance. When you’re the owner of your own business, it’s up to you to keep yourself on track and find ways to improve. Doing this self-reflection can really help you to think more deeply and truthfully about where you are right now and whether you’re fully stepping into your CEO identity.

I hope this helps you realise that the best hiring decision you could ever make for your business is to invest in yourself!

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