The Hypnotherapy Practitioner Program

Are you ready to harness the phenomenal power of the unconscious mind to create even more transformation with your clients?

Mindset Coach Certification Woman Studying

    Have you ever thought about integrating Hypnotherapy into your coaching or therapy practice?

    You already know that Hypnosis is a powerful technique for removing unwanted habits, changing limiting beliefs, installing positive emotions and creating transformation at the subconscious level.

    But perhaps you weren’t aware that you can easily and effortlessly learn the skills you need to certify as a Hypnotherapy Practitioner and begin working with the unconscious  mind to enable your clients to:

    Remove unwanted habits

    Calm anxiety, eliminate doubt and fear

    Enhance positive emotions such as confidence and motivation

    Remove limiting beliefs

    Install new behaviours and

    Quantum leap to success

    You can – and it all begins here with

    The Hypnosis Practitioner Certification

    “As a coach with over 20 years experience, I joined the MCA programme to add a new set of mindset coaching and fast change tools to my repertoire. I have learned more than I could possibly have hoped! I love Lara’s delivery style and her depth of knowledge in this field is inspiring. The programme is very hands on and we were well supported to put the tools into practice with our clients. Thanks Lara for a great experience and for building such a fun community to be part of.”


    – Kate King

    I am a licensed clinical social worker who works with clients struggling with experiences of trauma and loss. Adding hypnosis to my toolkit has been a game-changer. 


    I initially enrolled in Lara’s Mindset Coach Academy to gain the skill of hypnosis, and after the 6-week course, have gained so much more: more effective ways to engage with my clients and approaches to help us both discover what might be blocking them from realizing their goals. 


    Lara’s style is personable and her material is evidence-backed. She knows her stuff and is an effective teacher. I began adding hypnosis as soon as the first week after the course completion and it has really made a difference for my clients.

    Lauren S. Walker, LCSW

    I really enjoyed taking part. Learning all about hypnotherapy, experiencing hypnosis, practising reading and putting together scripts, doing the pendulum work and meeting others on the course. Lara is warm and relaxed and explains things very clearly. The teachings and videos were very informative. This is a fantastic introduction to hypnosis, with a good balance of theory and practical experience. 


    I’ve gone from not knowing much at all about hypnosis to feeling like I can use it with others and can see the difference it makes. I love that I now understand how to put together a script because it feels like the possibilities are endless! 

    I would highly recommend this course as a fantastic introduction to hypnotherapy. Lara is lovely and supportive, the course is fascinating and it’s great to meet others on the course and to practise together. The course is professional and well put together, with the addition of a Facebook group to ask questions in.


    Joy Trevivian

    I joined the hypnotherapy practitioner program to evolve myself and my work in the world by becoming a hypnotherapist. I really enjoy the learning of course and Lara. She is a bright light. So fun with an incredible mind that holds all her wisdom, like wow, she is brilliant and truly cares. The community was very lovely as well.

    Kristine Stanski

    I’ve drawn from this work with my existing clients already and can see how I can use the deep dive and the change work. I’m excited about how much I can utilise this to help clients make even deeper changes. 


    I’m so glad I did this course it was such a positive experience and so great to be around other empowering women. It was amazing to experience Hypnosis too and to embed my own learnings by being both practitioner and client.


    Rebecca Bradley

    As an experienced health professional I truly feel everyone working with other humans would benefit from this course. Not only in terms of what you can offer your clients but in terms of the growth you will have as a practitioner by undertaking this course. I would 💯 recommend joining the Hypnotherapy Certification Program.

    Kate Sedon

    The Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certification for Coaches, Therapists and Consultants is a unique blend of hypnotherapy training, mindset tools and integration.

    During this immersive experience, you will learn:


    You’ll learn what hypnosis is along with a history of hypnosis. You’ll begin to explore the phenomenal power of the unconscious mind and learn the prime directives and presuppositions that guide us.


    In this module, you’ll learn how to use hypnotic language patterns, design metaphors and create reframes to re-orient your client for positive change. You’ll identify common themes in your clients and begin creating scripts.


    In this module, you’ll learn the ethics of hypnosis, when a client is a client and the contra-indications for hypnosis. You will learn how to conduct the hypnosis interview in preparation for trance.


    In this module, we explore how beliefs and values are formed and how to identify and use your client’s model of the world to help create positive change.


    Next, you’ll learn how to identify ideo-motor signals, integrate the pendulum and prepare your client for trance. We explore suggestibility tests and induction techniques through live practice. You’ll also learn self-hypnosis.


    You’ll learn a variety of deepening and change techniques, along with convincers and tasks to embed the transformation. You’ll have access to scripts and also learn how to create and modify scripts to suit your client.

    The Hypnosis Practitioner Certification is a 6 week intensive and includes:

    World Class Training

    6 x Live, interactive and intensive accelerated training sessions where you practice and implement what you’re learning


    Self-Paced Pre-Work

    12 detailed self-paced study and pre-work modules combining videos and case studies in our dedicated member’s area. You’ll need to dedicate around 3 – 4 hours a week for preparation, homework and self-study time.

    Resource Centre

    You’ll have access to templates, inductions, hypnotherapy scripts and meditations to download and use in live or recorded format with your clients

    Implementation Support

    12 x Q&A sessions and practice pods to hone your skills and guide you on how you can integrate your new Hypnotherapy skills into your coaching practice

    Interactive Community

    A supportive, dedicated Facebook Group community of fellow coaches to share this powerful, transformational experience. You’ll have a study pod to practice with too.

    Global Certification

    Once you successfully complete your assessments, we will pay your registration fee with the ABH who will send you a certificate and seal for your website (Value: $115)

    Next Program: FEBRUARY 2024

    Mindset Coach Academy - Hypnotherapy Practitioner 2022
    Mindset Coach Academy - Hypnotherapy Practitioner 2022





    USD – PLUS 10% GST for Australian residents





    USD – PLUS 10% GST for Australian residents

    I am so excited about offering hypnotherapy I feel that it’s so aligned with me and I have loved being part of the group and It’s sparked a thirst and curiosity to learn more. I have really enjoyed the course particularly the practices.


    Lara is great. She is so experienced and insightful the course is a great introduction to change work hypnotherapy. The partnership work is great and the content is well paced over the weeks and the portal and resources are brilliant 



    Each week had a practical element to it, so we were able to go from theory to practice in each session. I enjoyed everything about the course, especially learning how to use the pendulum. 


    I would encourage anyone interested in joining the Hypnotherapy Certification Program, to make sure they set aside time to revisit each session, so they can put the theory into practice, as Lara goes into so much GREAT detail. 


    It is an amazing course, especially as Lara is so knowledgeable and does not just teach you hypnotherapy skills, but she also includes her knowledge and experiences from NLP and Mindset.



    Andrea Corbett

    How has the program benefitted you? Omg…how hasn’t it benefited me! I got my son to sleep with hypnotherapy in spite of 11years of him never going to bed easily. I have been using it to deal with clearing my home of lots of inherited items that created clutter. I’m about to record some scripts to help me too!


    Do it. It’s fantastic! And Lara is lovely!



    The Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certification Program for Coaches is your gateway to creating more transformation with your clients.

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